You will be employed under a UN University Personnel Service Agreement (PSA) for an initial period of one year. This contract can be renewed subject to good performance and availability of funding. PSA contracts cannot be renewed beyond a combined duration of six years. PSA contracts are non-UN staff member contracts and do not hold international civil servant status as defined in the UN Staff Regulations and Rules.


Starting Salary*

Research Assistant
US$1,996 per month

Senior Research Assistant
US$2,505 per month

Research Fellow
US$3,907 per month

Principal Research Fellow
US$5,641 per month

*UN remuneration is not subject to taxes in Macau.

Internationally recruited researchers also receive housing assistance and may receive other benefits. Please see our website or ask us for more details as to your full remuneration package.


For internationally recruited researchers, the compensation comes in multiple forms beyond just cash income. The benefits package includes:

  • Regular income which is not subject to income taxes in Macau and is likely not subject to income taxes in any country globally. Your income is also not subject to any payroll taxes (e.g. pension funds) or other deductions (e.g. health insurance). Ask us if you are unsure in your specific case.
  • Health insurance for yourself at zero cost or deduction.
  • Free lodging in our staff apartment for internationally recruited researchers. The market value of this benefit in Macau is approximately US$2,000 per month.
  • Round trip transportation between Macau and your home country.
  • Additional benefits may be available to you including a modest dependency allowance.

Please note that this benefit package does not include participation in a United Nations pension plan. You may wish to consider participating, on your own, in a private retirement program.

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