Skills Training for Survivors of Sexual Exploitation Fieldwork

April 30, 2018

UNU-CS & SIID researchers conduct field work in Philippines investigating use of participatory video for skills training for sexual exploitation survivors [...]

Anoosh Soltani (left) and Jenny Ju (right)

A Social and Cultural Geographer Joins the Migrant Tech Team

March 16, 2018

Anoosh Soltani is visiting UNU-CS to conduct research on the use of social networking sites by migrant women for their social and economic developments [...]


Pilot of Apprise: Identification of Exploitation of Migrant Workers

March 9, 2018

The Migrant Tech team began a pilot of Apprise, an app developed to help responders screen migrant workers in situations of labor exploitation [...]

Jenny Ju and Todd Sandel

UNU-CS at the Migrating Concepts International Conference

February 24, 2018

Jenny Ju attended an international conference on cosmopolitanism, multiculturalism and conviviality across Asia Pacific, held in Singapore [...]

Don Rodney Junio and Dhaval Modi at UNU-CS

New Senior Research Assistants at UNU-CS

February 7, 2018

Don Rodney Junio and Dhaval Modi joined the UNU-CS research team to contribute to the research work conducted on gender, migration, and peace [...]

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