KAIST presentation

UNU-CS – KAIST Cooperation Seminar

July 6, 2017

Researchers from the Aging and Technology Policy Lab at KAIST are in Macau working on a collaborative research project with the UNU-CS Gender Tech Lab [...]

Lauri Goldkind and Mamello Thinyane

Visiting Fellow in Small Data

July 4, 2017

Lauri Goldkind is spending an intensive summer in Macau working with the Small Data Lab researchers in topics related to community-based organizations [...]


Visiting Students at UNU-CS in Summer 2017

June 29, 2017

The first group of students of the short-term student research program are in Macau working with UNU-CS researchers and learning about ICTD [...]


First Meeting of the EQUALS Research Group

June 15, 2017

The first meeting of the research group of the global partnership to promote gender equality in ICT access, skills, and leadership took place in June [...]

Wilton Park - The role of digital technology in tackling modern slavery

Wilton Park Meeting: The Role of Digital Technology in Tackling Modern Slavery

June 14, 2017

UNU-CS participated in a stakeholders meeting organized by Wilton Park to discuss the role of digital technology in tackling modern slavery [...]

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