About Us

TheĀ United Nations University Institute in Macau is a UN global think tank onĀ Information Communication Technologies for Development (ICT4D). UNU Macau conducts UN policy-relevant research and generates solutions, addressing key issues expressed in the UN 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development through high-impact innovations and frontier technologies. Through its research, UNU Macau encourages data-driven and evidence-based actions and policies to achieve the Sustainable Development Goals.

UNU Macau strives to:

  • Be a global leader in policy-relevant research on Information Communication Technologies for Development (ICT4D)
  • Apply high ethical standards for its research and capacity development for the Global South in line with UN principles
  • Be a trusted partner with academic rigour, creating local and international impact
  • Become a go-to think tank for the United Nations (UN) system and Member States to support evidence-based decision-making on global pressing issues related to digital technologies
  • Be a credible network energizer, bringing together the UN system, Member States, academia, private sector, and civil society, to co-create research and capacity development solutions on human-centred digital technologies