Talk: Gender Studies in Contemporary Chinese Contexts

  • DATE / TIME:
    2017•10•11    14:30 - 15:30

    Zhang Yuan (Noah) from the School of International Education at the China Women’ University in Beijing will visit the United Nations University Institute in Macau to give a talk on the development of Chinese gender studies entitled “Gender Studies in Contemporary Chinese Contexts”.

    Gender Studies is both an independent and an interdisciplinary academic discipline, which arose from and is largely researched within western institutions. It is worth considering to what extent there is any Chinese-specific academic (or wider cultural) focus on gender studies and education, including forms of knowledge, methodology, and research? Chinese gender studies make use of a variety of international forms of knowledge, which are contextualized in terms of local cultural factors and issues. This talk will provide an introduction and overview with regard to the development of Chinese gender studies.

    Zhang Yuan (Noah) graduated with a multidisciplinary degree from the best university in China, and with an MA from a quality university in the Netherland. She completed her graduate work at the University of Macau and obtained a doctorate degree in Philosophy in Communication. She has considerable achievements in teaching, researching, and course development. Now she works in the School of International Education, at the China Women’ University in Beijing, as an assistant professor and the coordinator of the international MA program. Specialized in the fields of Gender Studies and Communication, she is not only a senior expert but also a pioneer and social activist.