Kyung Ryul Park during his talk

Talk on Aid Information Management Systems

May 31, 2017

Kyung Ryul Park, a Ph.D. candidate in Information Systems and Innovation at London School of Economics (Department of Management), visited the United Nations University Institute on Computing and Society (UNU-CS) on May 31 to present his doctoral research and discuss mutual interests with the UNU-CS researchers. Kyung’s research is primarily concerned with questions of knowledge and power in international development. His empirical research explores the role of open data and information systems in international aid coordination among stakeholders.

In his talk entitled “Why do aid information management systems fail?,” Kyung presented an empirical analysis and theoretical discussions of Aid Information Management Systems (AIMS), based on his research in Indonesia. Drawing on institutional theory, the talk gave a historical overview of AIMS and their evolution. Kyung also discussed how donor-driven information systems designed to institute global aid principles have been implemented, used, and then abandoned in emerging economy. His presentation was followed by a dynamic round of questions and discussions with the UNU-CS researchers. Kyung also had individual meetings with Juhee Kang, Michael Best, and Mamello Thinyane to explore possible research collaboration opportunities.

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