UNU-CS Papers, Open Sessions, Posters and Demos at ICTD2016

May 30, 2016

The United Nations University Institute on Computing and Society (UNU-CS) will see you in Ann Arbor, Michigan for this year’s International Conference on Information & Communication Technologies and Development (ICTD2016). Exploring the role of ICTs in international development, this conferences gathers practitioners, academics and policy makers from a multidisciplinary and multisectoral perspective, ranging from computer science, engineering, geography, political science and more, allowing form enriching conversations about the challenges and successes on this field. In 2016, the conference is celebrating its 8th year, and the event will be hosted by the University of Michigan and Chaired by Kentaro Toyama. UNU-CS will have a major representation in the conference program with Full Papers, Open Sessions, Posters and Demos. See you in Ann Arbor!

UNU-CS presence at ICTD 2016

June 3 (Fri)

11:00am-12:30pm – Open Sessions II
Building UNU-CS: Creating a new ICTD research institute within the United Nations [Michigan, 2nd floor]
Michael BestIneke Buskens, Han-Teng Liao, Andrés Moreno, Sammia Poveda, Tony Roberts (UNU-CS)

4:00-5:30pm – Open Sessions III
Writing, Publishing and Careers within ICTD [Koessler, 3rd floor]
Edgar Napoleon Asiimwe – Örebro University; Kui Kihoro Mackay (ICT4D Centre – RHUL); Ineke Buskens (UNU-CS); Devinder Thapa (University of Agder); Caroline Wamala Larsson (Karlstad University and SPIDER)

Bridging ICTD and Human Rights and Technology (HR-Tech) [Michigan, 2nd floor]
Tamy Guberek (University of Michigan), Priyank Chandra (University of Michigan), Allan Martell (University of Michigan), Michael Best (UNU-CS)


June 4 (Sat)

11:00am-12:30pm – Papers II – Gender and Inclusion
Women’s Use of Participatory Video Technology to Tackle Gender Inequality in Zambia’s ICT Sector
Tony Roberts (UNU-CS)

How can digital inclusion promote social change? Exploring two Brazilian case studies
Sammia Poveda (UNU-CS)

2:00-3:30pm – Demos
Demo: Listening to the crowd: real-time, actionable social media monitoring with Aggie [Venue: Koessler, 3rd floor]

June 5 (Sun)

9:00-10:30am – Notes and Demos
A First Look at Eyes on the Vote
Ellen Zegura (Georgia Tech), Amanda Meng (Georgia Tech), Carlos Rosales (Pol-It), Paul Wilson (Georgia Tech), Elyse Hampton (Georgia Tech), Trey Washington (Georgia Tech), Pratik Gangwani (Georgia Tech), Gaurav Phadke (Georgia Tech), Vikram Marun (Georgia Tech), Michael Best (UNU-CS), Michael Jablonski (Georgia State University)

 “LAN Houses are for Boys and Telecenters are for Girls:” CTCs As Gendered Spaces        
David Nemer (University of Kentucky; Visiting Fellow UNU-CS)

Lessons in Social Election Monitoring     
Thomas Smyth (Sassafras Tech Collective), Amanda Meng (Georgia Institute of Technology), Ellen Zegura (Georgia Institute of Technology), Andrés Moreno (UNU-CS), Michael Best (UNU-CS)

2:30-4:00pm – Open Sessions V
Intersectionality in ICT4D [Michigan, 2nd floor]
Sammia Poveda (UNU-CS); Tony Roberts (UNU-CS). Featuring: Kui Kihoro Mackay (ICT4D Centre – RHUL); Anita Gurumurthy (IT for Change)

2:00-3:30pm – Demos
Demo: Listening to the crowd: real-time, actionable social media monitoring with Aggie [Venue: Koessler, 3rd floor]

June 6 (Mon)

2:00-5:30pm – Open Sessions VI, Demos
Transforming Ideologies of Gender Privilege and Discrimination: The Quest for Justice, Equality and Dignity for All in the Network Society [Vandenberg, 2nd floor]
Ineke Buskens (UNU-CS); Gloria Bonder (FLACSO); Anita Gurumurthy (IT for Change); Dorothea Kleine (ICT4D Centre – RHUL); Sarah Revi Sterling (NetHope)


For more information visit the conference website: https://ictd2016.info/


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