UNU Institute in Macau at the 11th ITU Kaleidoscope

  • 2019•12•07

    Dr Mamello Thinyane of the United Nations University Institute in Macau participated in the 11th ITU Kaleidoscope Academic Conference in Atlanta, Georgia, USA from December 4-6, 2019. Themed ICT for Health: Networks, standards and innovation, the conference aimed at increasing dialogue between academics and experts regarding ICT standardisation in the health sector.

    Dr Thinyane presented a paper titled Operationalizing Data Justice in Health Informaticswhich was nominated for the best paper award. The paper explores the concept of data justice in the context of health informatics and the operationalisation of the human-data interaction (HDI) principles of legibility, agency, and negotiability in the design of health informatics systems. The discussion in the paper is informed by findings from previous research conducted at the Institute. The research set out to understand individuals’ motivations for collecting and monitoring personal health informatics and their attitudes and values around data sharing and social sensemaking. The paper concludes with a proposal of a health informatics architecture, developed for a specific digital health context which addresses the need to enable individuals’ enhanced control over the sharing and utilisation of their personal health data.