UNU Macau co-convened the Stanford BASES Global Summit

  • 2021•04•23

    On April 23rd we co-convened the Stanford BASES Global Summit, Reimagining Entrepreneurship & Innovation for the Sustainable Development Goals,” a cross sectional, global dialogue and call to action to collectively reimagine inclusive entrepreneurship, innovation and sustainable practices. The event brought together students, academics, researchers, the private sector and government officials from various backgrounds to discuss how we can better use innovative technologies to support the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). 

    During the event, our Director, Dr. Jingbo Huang explained how at UNU Macau, we focus on a wide range of ICT4D topics including cyber security, AI Ethics, climate modeling as well as migrant technology and gender technology to accelerate the achievement of the SDGs. Our Principal Research Fellow, Dr. Mamello Thinyane continued to explain how we must infuse sustainability into our practices and designs of digital technologies. For example, he highlighted how when regarding algorithms, we must “deal with the underlying biases, the underlying power asymmetries,” in order to reduce inequalities and be sustainable. This webinar allowed speakers to share their work on a wide range of topics including the needs and issues with big tech, how algorithms are based on human biases and why digital inequalities exist. 

    Watch the recording of the Bridging Academia & Industry via Inclusive Entrepreneurship & Tech: