UNU Institute in Macau Co-Hosts Networking Event

  • 2017•06•01

    On Thursday, 01 June 2017, the United Nations University Institute in Macau and the Digital Asia Hub (DAH) convened a networking event in Hong Kong. The event featured a lightning talk by Isaac Mao, a Chinese entrepreneur, software architect, and social media researcher, and co-founder of Musicoin. Musicoin is a non-profit platform that enables musicians to release their works, create simplified licenses, and get paid every time someone listens to their material. The talk centered on rethinking models for music consumption and rewards with Musicoin, which is a blockchain based platform.

    This was the second event in a series of a networking initiative organized by UNU Institute in Macau and DAH, aiming to foster engagement and knowledge sharing at the intersections of technology, society, law, policy, and international development. Each event of the series will feature a theme for informal brainstorming, often with an invited speaker, though the main focus is to socialize and network across disciplines and communities. We invite you to stay tuned for our upcoming events!