Talk on ICT Trade-Offs in Entrepreneurship for Development

  • 2017•03•28

    Endrit Kromidha, lecturer in Entrepreneurship and Innovation at Royal Holloway (University of London), and Director of the Master in Entrepreneurship, visited the United Nations University Institute in Macau to present his latest work, and to discuss ideas and collaboration opportunities. During his talk on ICT trade-offs in entrepreneurship for development, Endrit presented two of his latest research projects: desk-based work on crowdfunding using data from reward-based online platforms; and a comparative analysis of the usage of mobile phones targeting bottom of pyramid microenterprises (MEs) in Bangladesh, India and Sri Lanka. The latter of these two projects is being undertaken in collaboration with a former UNU Institute in Macau visiting scholar, Vigneswara Ilavarasan from the Indian Institute of Technology Delhi. From the findings of these projects, he drew conclusions on how ICTs for lean management can be applied in developed and developing contexts. He later participated in one-on-one meetings with UNU Institute in Macau researchers to discuss possible collaborations, including small data with Mamello Thinyane and potential collaboration on the business formalization of MEs in South Asian countries with Juhee Kang.