Mekong Club and UNU Institute in Macau Discuss Collaboration for Dealing with Modern Slavery

  • 2017•01•20

    On Friday 20th January, Matt Friedman and Silvia Mera met with researchers from the United Nations University Institute in Macau. The Mekong Club is a movement based in Hong Kong, which seeks to work with the private sector to end modern slavery. Matt Friedman, Founder and CEO, is an international human trafficking expert, with over 25 years experience in the field. Silvia Mera has a background in supply chains and contributes in marketing, social media and business development of the association.

    Michael Best and Hannah Thinyane met with the human trafficking experts, where they discussed possibilities for collaborating on a new project investigating the use of technology to help migrant workers in situations of forced labor. This was then followed by a group discussion with the rest of the research team.