Talk on the Use of Mobile Technology in Myanmar

  • 2017•03•30

    Prof Richard Seyler Ling, Professor in Media Technology at the Wee Kim Wee School of Communication and InformationNanyang Technological University (Singapore), visited the United Nations University Institute in Macau from March 30 to March 31 to present his latest research and to discuss ICTD research ideas with the researchers. Prof. Ling is a renowned expert in social consequences of mobile communication with several publications, and he is currently working on ethnographic studies in Myanmar during the establishment of mobile communications.

    His research talk, “Rag-Picking and Mobile Technology in Myanmar,” examined how the recycling/rag picking industry in Myanmar has been restructured by the introduction of mobile communication. The presentation was based on in-depth interviews with more than 15 people working at various levels in this sector, as well as intensive observations of their working situation. Prof. Ling also had a series of research meetings with the UNU Institute in Macau researchers including an ongoing collaboration project with Juhee Kang on North Korean refugees’ use of mobile phones in their migratory journey and Hannah Thinyane on use of technology to increase situated agency of forced laborers.