Digital Peacekeeping Researchers Spend Week with MINUSMA in Mali

  • 2016•09•29

    This September, UNU Institute in Macau investigators Michael Best and Andrew Bayor paid a one-week research visit to the Multidimensional UN Integrated Stabilization Mission (MINUSMA) in Mali. During their visit, Best and Bayor conducted a series of qualitative focus group meetings exploring the promise of ICT innovations to support UN peacekeeping. The UNU Institute in Macau team met with uniform and civilian mission personnel stationed at Bamako and Gao. The visit, the first in a series of research trips planed for peacekeeping missions, is part of a developing Partnership for Technology in Peacekeeping initiative between the United Nations University Institute in Macau and DFS/ICTD of the UN peacekeeping organization. These initial survey studies will contribute to a broad baseline understanding of the potential for ICT innovations to enhance the effectiveness and capacity of UN peacekeeping missions. A hoped-for outcome of this work will be a new collaborative project in Digital Peacekeeping where creative ICT solutions can be created, test deployed, experimented with, refined and scaled.