A Social and Cultural Geographer Joins the Migrant Tech Team

  • 2018•03•16

    The United Nations University Institute in Macau has extended its research team with a new Visiting Research Assistant. Anoosh Soltani is a social and cultural geographer who is about to complete her Ph.D. in Human Geography at the University of Waikato, New Zealand. Her Ph.D. research explores Muslim women’s embodied identity (re)constructions and negotiations in the spaces of employment, leisure, and social networking sites. This project draws attention to the exclusionary ways in which various forms of marginalization and discrimination, such as racism, shape Muslim women’s places and spaces.

    At UNU Institute in Macau, Anoosh has joined the Migrant Tech project where she is working on a paper that investigates the use of social networking sites by migrant women for their social and economic developments. This paper uses an intersectionality framework and it is being written in collaboration with Jenny Ju. Anoosh believes UNU Institute in Macau is a great platform for budding researchers who hope to nurture their capacity in transdisciplinary research related to ICTs, sociology and social policy with the prospect of proper guidance and collaboration.