UNU Macau Launches the Youth Engagement Programme on the 2022 UN Day

  • 2022•10•24     Macau

    UNU Macau launches the Youth Engagement Programme (YEP), dedicated to engaging and partnering with young people in local community, to empower them with knowledge of digital technology and the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), as well as an international vision on global society and the UN system, and to support their action and pursuit of leadership in forming a better shared future.

    Under the theme “Engage the Youth, Empower the Future”, YEP by UNU Macau is aimed at involving young generations in Macau and beyond as partners in the path towards sustainable development. By providing them access to education and wider international networks, the Institute hopes to inspire and empower local youths, while also giving back to the host community of Macau that has been supporting it for almost 30 years.

    In line with the UNU Macau’s focus on collective intelligence and participatory approach, UNU Macau’s YEP consists of a series of initiatives involving the Institute’s researchers and the city’s Primary- and Secondary-school-aged youths, as well as young adults (including university students). In addition to working with schools directly, the Programme aims to reach out to other civil society settings, with initiatives being designed to happen in different creative formats, some of which will be open to all members of the public.

    Planned initiatives include guest talks involving group activities – to be held in schools, universities, UNU Macau and civil society organisations (CSOs) working with youths –, internship programs, and training.

    Aiming to be “Inclusive”, “Inspiring”, and “Empowering”, UNU Macau’s YEP is particularly linked to SDG11 – “Sustainable cities and communities” – and SDG17 – “Partnerships for the Goals”.