Wilton Park Meeting: The Role of Digital Technology in Tackling Modern Slavery

  • 2017•06•14

    Hannah Thinyane attended an off the record meeting that brought together 60 stakeholders, including policy makers, law enforcement, business, civil society, and academia for an expert exchange on the creative uses of digital technology in tackling modern slavery, at Wilton Park, UK. This meeting used the ‘5P’ framework of pursue, prevent, protect, prepare and partner, to: understand how and where ICTs are currently being used within modern slavery to enable crime, tackle crime, and support victims; and to explore modalities for greater stakeholder collaboration across different sectors.

    As well as the tangible benefits of being able to contribute to key discussions in this area, this opportunity provided Hannah with the intangible benefits of networking with leading stakeholders in the field of anti-human trafficking, and gave good visibility to the work being done at the United Nations University Institute in Macau. This input feeds directly into her research, investigating the use of technology to enhance the situated agency of migrants in situations of human trafficking.