Expert Workshop on Open Data and Government

  • 2016•12•05

    On Monday, 05 December 2016, the United Nations University Institute in Macau hosted an expert workshop on open data and its impact on government and society. The workshop provided a space to exchange knowledge and ideas on open government data, aspects of the e-society, and ICT for democratic and social development. Participants in the workshop were from UNU Institute in Macau, the Center for E-Governance of Danube University Krems (Austria), City University of Hong Kong, and the Digital Asia Hub (Hong Kong). The participants shared information and discussed data-driven governance, decision support systems for smart governance in smart cities, and political expression and exposure to disagreement in social media. The workshop was organized in cooperation with CeDEM Asia 2016, the International Conference for E-Democracy and Open Government to take place in Daegu (South Korea) from 7-9th December, 2016.