Liao, Han-Teng

  • Research Fellow (July 2015 – October 2016)

    Han-Teng Liao (DPhil, 2014, Oxford) worked at UNU Institute in Macau in the areas of Small Data and HCI research for civic and cross-cultural engagement. He is a research professional with combined information science, media/communication and open source/open data working experience. Liao’s research focuses on ICTs and HCI for human and political development, with the use of webometrics, user-generated data and social network analysis. In particular he studies how geographic and linguistic factors influence mobile and Internet-enabled services and their potentials in cross-cultural and/or transnational growth/dynamics/exchanges, including the industry practices in software/website internationalization (i18n) and Localization (L10n). His doctoral work compares two major user-contributed Chinese encyclopedias (Chinese Wikipedia and Baidu Baike), studying their impact on user interactions from regions such as Mainland China, Hong Kong, and Taiwan.

  • Twitter: @hanteng