Digital Peace

  • One-quarter of humanity lives in fragile, violent, and conflict-stressed environments. These people’s lives are often characterized by the starkest of realities: undernourishment, illiteracy, short life spans, displacement, forced migration, and lack of access to basic amenities and services. Destroyed and diminished infrastructure, corrupt institutions, and endemic mistrust and suspicion characterize conflict-affected areas.

    In response to these challenges, the UNU Institute in Macau Digital Peace Lab is exploring, inventing, and informing ways that information and communication technologies can serve as a tool towards supporting peacemaking efforts by enhancing people’s capacity to acquire truthful information; strengthening their resilience to cope with conflict; alerting parties when potential conflict flares; and discovering means towards reconciliation, community building, and empowerment. The Digital Peace lab is delivering its vision through research and policy impact, innovations and partnerships, collaborations and public engagements.

    Digital Peacekeeping
    Migrant Tech
    The Wisdom of Multiple Crowds During Critical Events