Data Intermediation and Collaboration with Community-based Organizations

Achieving and monitoring the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) requires the partnership of stakeholders at various levels. Community-based organizations (CBOs) are playing critical roles in facilitating connections between stakeholders at the national and local levels, in representing community interests to actors beyond the community, as well as in providing support and services for the local community.

In the context of SDGs, CBOs thus have the potential to play a unique and important role in the process of implementing and monitoring progress towards meeting the SDGs. More importantly, CBOs’ active participation in the SDGs implementation and monitoring processes could facilitate increased participation of vulnerable and marginalized groups, and is a critical link towards a more effective SDG progress monitoring program.

Through exploring the opportunities for engagement with CBOs, this project is interested in exploring their potential intermediation and collaboration role within the social indicators data ecosystem, i.e. the network of data assets, analytics, applications, actors, data value creation process,and the outputs of data processing involved in the monitoring and reporting of social development progress.

The project is undertaken in partnership with one of the largest CBOs in Macau which operates multiple centers that provide social services to diverse local vulnerable groups. With insights generated from the pilot project, a tool for data and ICTs enablement for crowdsourcing of homelessness cases in the city, as well as CBO’s outreach operations, internal use, and reporting has been developed through a participatory process.


Mamello ThinyaneKarthik BhatLauri GoldkindVikram Cannanure, Lam Hoi Iam