Participatory Indicators for MSME Sector

Micro Small and Medium Enterprises (MSMEs) account for over two-thirds of employment in both developing and developed countries, with a contribution to GDP at 35% in developing countries and 50% in developed countries. The critical contribution of MSMEs to broader socio-economic objectives, including job creation, provision of public goods and services, reduced inequality, and improved livelihoods makes them a key priority area for achieving the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). Engaging MSMEs in a long-term partnership in the associated SDG implementation action and monitoring efforts entails building locally relevant frameworks and metrics of SDGs, hence the participatory process in localizing the global agenda and indicators.

This project aims to support the localization of SDGs for the MSME sector and to facilitate the active participation of the MSMEs in monitoring progress towards the achievement of SDG targets. The primary perspective in this project is towards an intervention which empowers the individual MSME stakeholders and adds value through their engagement, and also to enhance data linkages between the MSME firms and the government. The pilot activity began in the state of Tamil Nadu which accounts for India’s largest number of MSMEs.

The project is framed as a two-phase project; the first phase is the mapping of Tamil Nadu MSME sector programs and activities and the development of MSME sector indicators, the second will focus on developing, rolling out, and evaluating a tool to facilitate the monitoring of the indicators and the communication among relevant stakeholders.


Thinyane M. (2020), “Localizing the SDGs for Micro, Small and Medium Enterprises – Participatory indicators development in Tamil Nadu – India”, United Nations University.


Mamello ThinyaneMichael L. Best, Fan Yang