Participatory Indicators for Tamil Nadu MSME Sector

This research activity aims to support the localization of SDGs for the MSME sector in Tamil Nadu – India, to facilitate the active participation of the MSME firms in indicators monitoring, and to explore the modalities of engagement and participation for the MSME firms.

The need for “localizing of the SDGs” has been given global recognition through efforts within the United Nations towards engaging with local actors to translate and “channel the global goals into local actions”. Localizing the SDGs is supported by the process of defining and identifying the potential for engagement of the various stakeholders in the associated SDG implementation and monitoring, along with the development of instruments (e.g. toolkits, technology tools) to facilitate this engagement.

This project focuses on the Micro Small and Medium Enterprises sector in the state of Tamil Nadu in India and aims to develop a set of localized sector indicators and consequently the tools to operationalize and facilitate the utilization of these indicators towards monitoring of progress towards the SDGs. The primary perspective in this project is towards an intervention which empowers the individual MSME stakeholders and adds value through their engagement, and also to enhance data linkages between the MSME firms and the government.

This research will address the following questions:

  1. What are the mappings between the MSME sector and the SDGs?
  2. What are the role and positioning of community-driven, participatory indicators within the indicators data ecosystem?
  3. What are the modalities of engagement for the MSME firms in indicators monitoring?
  4. How does technology support the participation of MSME firms and enhance their data engagement/collaboration with the government?

This research is framed as a two-phase project in which Phase I (“MSME sector indicators development”) will entail:

  1. MSME sector SDG mapping exercise
  2. Participatory development of MSME sector indicators

Phase II (“MSME sector ICT and data enablement”) of the project will build on the outputs from Phase I to:

  1. Develop an ICT data tool to facilitate the monitoring of the indicators and the communication of the indicators among relevant stakeholders
  2. Pilot the tool with select MSMEs
  3. Evaluate the effectiveness of the tool.

Sustainable Development Goals, Micro Small Medium Enterprises, Participatory Indicators Development, Community Driven Indicators

Mamello Thinyane, Michael L. Best

Department of Industries and Commerce, India

This research activity is addressing issues related to the following UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs)


This project is part of the Small Data Lab.
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