UNU-CS is a research institute at the intersections of ICTs and international development.
Migrant Tech: Empowering Migrant Workers with Technology
Data & Sustainable Development: Last Mile Data Enablement and Collaboration ...
EQUALS Research Group: Advancing Research for Gender Equality in the ...
Digital Peacekeeping: Enhancing Experimentation ...
Crossmedia Monitoring During Critical Events: Aggie and the Cross ...
UNU-CS & SIID researchers conduct field work in Philippines investigating use of participatory video for skills training for sexual exploitation survivors
Anoosh Soltani is visiting UNU-CS to conduct research on the use of social networking sites by migrant women for their social and economic developments
The Migrant Tech team began a pilot of Apprise, an app developed to help responders screen migrant workers in situations of labor exploitation
Jenny Ju attended an international conference on cosmopolitanism, multiculturalism and conviviality across Asia Pacific, held in Singapore
Don Rodney Junio and Dhaval Modi joined the UNU-CS research team to contribute to the research work conducted on gender, migration, and peace
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