UNU-CS is a research institute at the intersections of ICTs and international development.
Exciting events coming soon!We are always organizing activities related to the research areas of the Institute.
The 15 finalists of the "Equals in Tech" Awards have been selected and they are going to be awarded during the next Internet Governance Forum
Representatives from 21 leading academic institutions around the world met in Macau for the first physical meeting of the EQUALS Research Group
Michael Best presented findings on diversity and inclusion in Artifical Intelligence during the First Global Festival for AI Ideas hosted in Beijing
UNU-CS co-hosted a stakeholder consultation workshop to get feedback on the use of mobile phone applications for human trafficking victim identification
Mamello Thinyane and Ignacio Marcovecchio presented some of their work at the ITU Kaleidoscope 2017 academic conference held in Nanjing, China
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