UNU-CS is a research institute at the intersections of ICTs and international development.
Talk: Who Decides What Is “Personal Data”?Lokman Tsui from the Chinese University of Hong Kong (CUHK) will visit the United Nations University Institute on Computing and Society (UNU-CS) to give a talk entitled "Who decides what is 'personal data'? Testing the access principle with telecommunication companies and internet providers in Hong Kong". ABSTRACT Do personal data protection laws allow citizens to feel reasonably assured that their personal data is protected? My study aims to answer this question in the context of the
Juhee Kang delivered a talk at the University of Macau presenting the findings of her research on the use of ICT among North Korean migrants
Dr. Noah Zhang from the China Women's University visited UNU-CS and gave a talk on the development of Chinese gender studies
A team from UNU-CS took part in the Charity Run organized by Caritas Macau to encourage more people to participate in the sport of running
Hannah Thinyane went on a field trip to Thailand to collect data and present the progress in self-identification of victims of human trafficking
Dorji Wangchuk gave a talk on the influence of Buddhism in the communication culture in Bhutan and the search for the middle path in the age of social media
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