UNU-CS is a research institute at the intersections of ICTs and international development.
Talk: Why Do Aid Information Management Systems Fail?Kyung Ryul Park will visit UNU-CS and deliver a talk entitled "Why Do Aid Information Management Systems Fail?". During his time in Macau, he will also discuss certain research interests with UNU-CS researchers. SHORT BIO Kyung Ryul Park is a Ph.D. candidate in Management Department at London School of Economics and Political Science. Kyung's research is primarily concerned with issues of digital inequality, knowledge, and power in international development. His empirical research explores
KAIST Aging and Technology Policy Lab at UNU-CSAs part of the research collaboration between the Aging and Technology Policy Lab at KAIST and the EQUALS Research project at UNU-CS, Dr Moon Choi will come back to Macao accompanied by two of her students. During their visit, there will be presentations and research discussions, aiming at benefiting not only the students but also the UNU-CS research team.
Dr. Sydney Yueh from Northeastern State University and Dr. Todd Sandel from the University of Macau shared their research with UNU-CS researchers
UNU-CS researcher Karthik Bhat represented UNU-CS at CHI 2017, the premier international conference on Human-Computer Interaction
UNU-CS is hiring researchers from different backgrounds to work on multidisciplinary projects which combine ICTs and international development (ICTD)
Hannah Thinyane and Silvia Mera went on a research mission to Thailand to get insights of how victims of human trafficking are being identified
Dr. Moon Choi visited UNU-CS to give a talk and to work on the design of a research project that examines issues of gender, aging, and ICTs
Jenny Ju attended the International Workshop on Global South Perspectives and participated in discussions related to her work on Migrant Tech
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